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Innovative Smart Tire Technology

Cerebrum is the world's first intelligent tire solution utilizing revolutionary, patented sensor technology mounted directly to the tire.  Cerebrum sensors provide advanced tire pressure & temperature data to the vehicle as well as tread depth, alignment and performance data to the operator through the convenient mobile application.   With Cerebrum, drivers can now fully optimize tire and vehicle performance, reduce fuel consumption and excess carbon dioxide emissions, eliminate premature tire wear as well as receive critical safety alerts like Blowout Detection.  Here's how Cerebrum works...


Tire Sensor Kit
Easily install Cerebrum smart sensors to tires you already own.  

Cerebrum-Enabled Tires

Purchase any tire, already equipped with Cerebrum technology and conveniently delivered to your door.

Fleet Solutions

Cerebrum offers gateways, analytics APIs and web-based software solutions for managing fleet assets.


Cerebrum is a standardized solution, which means it will fit most tire types and wheel sizes. Aftermarket kits include everything needed for a simple application to any tire. 

Once Cerebrum sensors are installed, traditional mounting and balancing can be done by a qualified tire technician.

Cerebrum Installation Video


Our BLE smart sensors provide advanced analytics well beyond the capabilities of what vehicles can display through the dashboard.

Instead, the advanced information and interactive features are available through our free Cerebrum App. Details below...

Cerebrum App User Guide

Portfolio of Products

Cerebrum Smart Tire Solutions coverage a broad range of market needs including aftermarket street and performance, recreational vehicles, fleet vehicles, mining and agriculture. Our solutions include tire-mounted sensors, telematics gateways, mobile applications and web-based software interfaces for fleet management companies.

CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs and which Cerebrum products will fit.


From enthusiast to daily driver, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensors provide clarity of tire conditions to drivers.

Our aftermarket sensors are affordable, install to any tire and provide advance information and alerts conveniently through your smart phone.

Eliminate the guesswork about tire condition, optimize performance, and avoid potentially catastrophic tire conditions with Cerebrum.


Achieve real-time, remote tire management for fleets of any size.

Cerebrum sensors and telematics gateways improve fleet safety through advance analytics and tire condition visibility; anywhere, anytime.

In addition, Cerebrum analytics enable fleets to reduce burdensome costs from downtime and extend the tire lifecycle.


As vehicle technology and connectivity has advanced, tires have been left behind. Cerebrum Smart Tire Solutions achieve tire connectivity for any vehicle and tire and are an incredible value-add.

Using Cerebrum, original equipment automotive and tire manufacturers and retailers alike can finally achieve cradle-to-grave tire visibility and gather critical user-based information to advance product offerings and improve safety and performance.

Cerebrum ECO 4-Pack Kit

The ECO product offers BLE communication and visibility of advanced features through the Cerebrum application.  The ECO product is 50% of the size of our first generation product yet generates 2x the frequency of data for Advanced Mode sessions.  ECO offers all of the benefits and performance of Cerebrum in a more affordable solution.

This 4-pack D.I.Y. kit includes:

(4) reusable Cerebrum ECO smart tire sensors, each protected by a master housing

(4) Universal, base-housings used to mount Cerebrum ECO sensors within each tire.  These base-housings can be purchased separately to re-use the Cerebrum ECO smart sensors in a different tire. 

(1) Permanent rubber bonding adhesive for D.I.Y. application of the tire sensors

(1) Tire preparation cleaning solution

(1) Tire scraper tool for preparation of the tire inner liner

Cerebrum mobile application with unlimited accounts

Cerebrum ECO Smart Tire Sensors Kit - Pack of 4
Cerebrum ECO Smart Tire Sensors Kit - Pack of 4
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