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Introducing Cerebrum: the brain behind Smart Tires. 

Cerebrum Sensor Technologies is a California-based company that develops and distributes innovative tire sensors, receivers and software. Utilizing over a decade of rubber bonding experience, patented technology and extensive research and development, Cerebrum has emerged to fulfill the industry's need for universal, OEM and aftermarket smart tire solutions that improve safety, tire and vehicle performance and support the continuous improvement of autonomous vehicles.


Cerebrum devices and software provide a range of advanced data to the vehicle and operator ultimately allowing an in-depth view of the dynamics of each wheel and tire.  Utilizing strategic partnerships with tire companies, automotive manufacturers and renowned motorsports teams, Cerebrum engineers have developed innovative tire-mounted sensors capable of withstanding the most demanding track, road and off-road conditions.  Combining the latest in hardware technology and wireless communication protocols with sophisticated algorithms, Cerebrum products gather never-before-seen detailed tire analytics including:

  • Tire pressure including leak detection and critical failure alerts
  • Tire rubber temperature monitoring vs. air temperature as measured by TPMS sensors
  • Tire blowout detection alerts
  • Tread depth health
  • Wheel and tire alignment variations (coming soon!)
  • Fuel and premature tire wear costs 
  • Excess Carbon Dioxide emissions summary
  • Advanced Mode performance sessions with GPS and tire summary
  • Recommendations on tire adjustments prior and post performance sessions
  • Fully exportable and shareable Session Details

Our engineers continue to expand the Cerebrum technology to include more vehicles, applications, information available and ways to access with the end goal of improving the safety and performance of vehicles worldwide. 

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For any inquiries please contact info@cerebrumsensor.com for customer service or complete the form below. 

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