Product Overview – Cerebrum Sensor

Product Overview


Tire-Mounted Sensors

Cerebrum provides industry leading tire-mounted sensors for use in every market application. Cerebrum sensors can be retrofit to any vehicle tire and our convenient housing allows for reuse of the sensor after the tire is discarded. Our intelligent sensors transmit data over BLE wireless communication at a customizable frequency and typically last 7 years. Our patented technology provides real-time monitoring of not only traditional TPMS but the full portfolio of advanced analytics like tread health, load, alignment, road surface conditions, tire location, and more.

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Wheel-Mounted Sensors

Leveraging our breakthrough tire-mounted technology, Cerebrum has also reinvented the wheel sensor. Cerebrum wheel sensors are ideal for fleet vehicles, communicate data over BLE and last 7 years. Our patented wheel sensor technology provides real-time monitoring of not only traditional TPMS but also additional advanced analytics like tread health, alignment, road surface conditions, tire location, and more.

3rd Party Sensors

Cerebrum also partners with traditional TPMS and tire sensor manufacturers to deliver our patented algorithms and insights.  Cerebrum's custom protocol and firmware logic can be integrated into 3rd party valve-cap, valve-stem, wheel and tire sensors and communicate with our cloud-based API solutions for proprietary insights like tread health, load, and more.  For more information on integrations, please contact our technical sales team. 


Cerebrum Lite Gateway

The Cerebrum LITE Gateway is a paired Telematics and Bluetooth Control Unit connecting our intelligent tire sensor data along with optional full vehicle diagnostics (ECU, harsh braking / acceleration, accident detection, driver behavior, GPS, etc.) directly to the cloud.  The gateway supports global 4G/LTE data coverage and connects (ideally interior) to the vehicle via standard OBDII, J1939, fuse, or direct to battery and can be installed in minutes. 

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cerebrum senquip telematics tcu gateway

Cerebrum ORB Industrial Gateway

The Cerebrum Onboard Remote Bus (ORB) is a heavy-duty gateway best equipped for industrial applications and exterior mounting positions.  This rugged, cloud connected solution communicates directly with our sensors and transmits intelligent tire data to the cloud. The ORB also has built-in sensors to measure speed, temperature, pitch and roll, vibration and ECU diagnostics.  The gateway connects via standard OBDII, J1939, fuse, or direct to battery and can be installed in minutes. 

3rd Party Telematics Units

Does your fleet already run telematics control units for vehicle diagnostics?  Using standard Bluetooth protocols, Cerebrum sensors will communicate with most 3rd party systems, often without any additional hardware!  We've already partnered with many of the top telematics providers like Geotab, Globalmatix, Drov and more.  Contact us for more information.


Mobile Applications

Cerebrum offers convenience in-vehicle display via iOS and Android mobile applications.  Cerebrum apps provide full insight visibility and alerts for assets to drivers, technicians and fleet managers.  The mobile apps also feature Maintenance mode to optimize tire inspections with log generation.  All data synchronizes with the web-based Fleet Portal. 

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Intelligent Tire Fleet Portal

Our web-based, fleet management system enables managers and technicians to view, receive alerts, and take action on every tire and asset.  The portal features real-time, customizable alerts via SMS & email for prompt action on critical issues. 

Conveniently review reports including tire and asset details, full insights (pressure, temperature, tread, etc.), alert summaries, cost savings opportunities and maintenance logs.  Whether managing 5 or 50,000 vehicles, the Cerebrum fleet portal is a one-stop fleet management solution that generates immediate savings.

3rd Party Software & API

Is your fleet already using telematics software? No problem. Cerebrum has developed APIs to integrate use of our proprietary algorithms with 3rd party solutions.  We've established relationships with industry leading telematics (Geotab, Globalmatix, Senquip, Drov, etc.) providers and continue to add partners.   

Our software also connects to 3rd party hardware and software including vehicle computer systems (for full diagnostics), telematics software, and even 3rd party TPMS sensor data.  For more information regarding integrations, please contact us

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