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Market Segments

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heavy duty truck tractor trailer liquid tpms tire sensor
heavy duty truck tractor trailer tpms tire sensor
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Introducing Cerebrum. Your all-encompassing, intelligent tire technology solution revolutionizing vehicle safety, efficiency, cost reduction and connectivity. Whether you're navigating urban streets, off-road terrain, or traversing highways, Cerebrum empowers drivers, fleet managers and asset stakeholders with unparalleled control and insight into vehicle tire performance and conditions. 

Cerebrum's universal and scalable solutions have been well proven throughout every market segment from light to heavy duty, agricultural, military and beyond.  Whether your a fleet manager looking to reduce cost and increase uptime, a vehicle and tire service provider seeking to reduce response times and more efficiently schedule maintenance, a tire distributor planning for inventory replenishment, or a tire / vehicle OE gathering never-before-seen data insights for improved quality and engineering; Cerebrum is the solution.

With Cerebrum, the future of tire asset management is at your fingertips. Experience unparalleled safety, efficiency, compliance and cost savings on every journey - redefining the way you drive and manage assets, regardless of your market segment.

Last Mile Delivery & DSP

Feeling the pressure to keep your last-mile delivery fleet up and running? There's nothing more frustrating and costly than a grounded fleet and the #1 cause of downtime: tires.  Imagine receiving alerts about poor tire conditions before a grounding event. 

Cerebrum solutions provide piece of mind for last-mile and DSP fleets with full visibility of real-time pressure, temperature and tread health to efficiently complete pre-trip requirements, schedule essential maintenance, virtually eliminate critical events,  and keep your delivery service on track with customer expectations.

Amazon Rivian EV Last Mile DSP

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Rental & Leased Assets

Managing a rental fleet requires precision understanding of operating costs and the longevity of asset components.  Tires are an essential component that customers depend for safety, reliability, and performance from their leased vehicles.  Tire maintenance is critical for ensuring customer satisfaction, but visibility to assets is virtually non-existent while in the field and operated by customers.

With Cerebrum, fleet managers maintain 24/7 visibility to vehicle and tire assets. This includes GPS location and critical operating alerts like slow leaks and low tire pressure, high temperature and blowout risks, as well as low tread depth health.  These insights ensure proper maintenance can be effectively scheduled to prevent asset theft and deterioration, maximize uptime, and ensure customer satisfaction.  Alerts can even be pushed (and monetized) to customers in real-time via our convenient software applications or direct to phone / email, providing an invaluable service and peace-of-mind while they operate your assets.

Recycling & Waste

Recycling, waste, refuse, garbage...whatever the terminology, these vehicles play a crucial role in managing municipal waste and maintaining public health and sanitation.  With purpose-built designs that are engineered to handle a broad range of waste, these vehicles rely on full performance from all components.  Perhaps more than any other part, the tires take a real beating given the ever-changing loads and frequent exposure to road debris.

Cerebrum's mobile applications conveniently provide drivers with critical pressure and temperature alerts to immediately address concerns before becoming catastrophic.  Fleet Manager visibility through our web portal provides further support to drivers and enables effective scheduling of maintenance - such as recapping - based on real-time tread health and not arbitrary mileage thresholds.  

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MD / HD Truck & Trailers

More tires, more problems? Not with Cerebrum.  Our Intelligent Tire Management Solutions provide a proactive approach to tire maintenance.  Our mobile and web-based user interfaces offer real-time visibility and tools for drivers, technicians and managers across the entire fleet.  Asset status can even be made available to 3rd party tire management and roadside assistance companies.  Benefits include:

  • Live Alerts: GPS location, driver information, inflation, temperature, tread depth, sensor missing, tire theft, tire overload, dually mismatch, loose wheel, camber alignment...
  • Maintenance Tools: tire rotations, pressure and temperature checks, tread depth checks via mobile scanning, auto-location,
  • Reports: maintenance log history, vehicle and tire asset summaries, alert history by vehicle, pressure / temperature / tread health trends, pre / post-trip inspection reporting,  stolen asset recovery tools, cost savings opportunities by asset, tire change scheduling manager...

Autonomous Vehicles

Sensors serve as the "eyes" and "ears" of autonomous vehicles (AVs), providing real-time data about the vehicle's surroundings.  But how do AVs know how to calculate braking distance without knowledge of the tire tread depth? How do AVs adjust cornering speeds or vehicle performance based on tire health or inclement weather conditions? Until now, AVs have been operating short of this data.

Understanding tire health, road conditions, and tire dynamics are essential for the advancement of AV technology.  With Cerebrum, autonomous vehicles can now employ the sense of "touch" with our Intelligent Tire Solutions.  

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In specialty off-road applications, tires play an additional role in the operations of fleets.

One critical influence on profit and efficiency in agriculture is soil compaction.  When tires are inflated to 'on road' pressure levels, the narrow contact patch is beneficial for tread life and fuel consumption.  Off-road, however, over inflated tires can be devasting for crop yield and soil compaction; destroying profits.

Using proprietary load algorithms and strategic partnerships, Cerebrum as developed a fully autonomous central tire inflation system (CTIS), adjusting tire pressures in accordance with load index tables as payload increases or decreases.  This solution as been proven generate over 10% increased crop yield; that's some serious savings.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Cerebrum has been working with OE tire and vehicle manufacturers as well as distributors and dealers for nearly 15 years. Cerebrum is the first solution that enables manufacturers to achieve 'cradle-to-grave' visibility of tire assets and is currently deployed by several leading manufacturers.  This invaluable, real-time data can be used for dozens of applications:

  • Proving grounds performance testing
  • Vehicle dynamics and component quality assurance
  • Raw data collection for custom-built algorithm development
  • Ease of recall management
  • Factory offering of smart tire technology
  • Tire-as-a-service business models
  • Referral of customers to service centers based on live tire and vehicle data
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Bottom Line Benefits

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