Cerebrum Successfully Completes OEM Tread Depth Trial – Cerebrum Sensor

Cerebrum Successfully Completes OEM Tread Depth Trial

A four month OEM trial of Cerebrum’s real-time tread depth monitoring system concluded in May with “amazing success”, according to the client.  The double-blind, 30,000 mile evaluation of Cerebrum’s solutions achieved a tread depth accuracy of 1 mm to actual, laser scanned tread. 

In this trial, the client utilized Cerebrum’s tire-mounted sensors and mobile application to perform a ‘real world’ evaluation of the tread depth monitoring solution.  The sensors were affixed to in-use tires on a small fleet vehicle with high mileage use and tested over mixed road and weather conditions.  The client periodically collected laser scanned tread depth readings, using 3 points around the circumference and across the entire section width.  The Cerebrum team simultaneously tracked tread depth readings and provided all results to the client at the conclusion of the trials for evaluation.

Results: An evaluation of every Cerebrum tread depth result in comparison to measured tread depth (for all tires) confirmed a delta of less than 1 mm. 

Cerebrum continues to lead the industry with the only commercially available, real-time tread depth monitoring solution for all vehicle types.  Cerebrum utilizes raw data directly from the tire in all Intelligent Tire Solution algorithms, rather than making estimates or predictions based on mileage like competitors.   Cerebrum is also vehicle and tire agnostic, without any dependence on indirect vehicle information such as wheel rotation sensors or proprietary tire construction information.  This milestone marks the 8th major tire, vehicle, or TPMS OEM that has successfully completed an evaluation of Cerebrum’s real-time tread monitoring solutions. 

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