OEM Tire Sensor Release Update – Cerebrum Sensor

OEM Tire Sensor Release Update

As communicated earlier this year, we will soon make available the 3rd generation tire-mounted sensor unit specifically designed for OEM implementation.  Cerebrum's newest intelligent tire sensor was developed in collaboration with and for top vehicle and tire manufacturers, specifically to fit within the rubber mounting sleeves that will be integrated into tires in the near future.  The sensor is the size of a quarter, 1/6th of the size of the DUO product and a related tire-mounted TPMS sensor.

The Cerebrum ‘OEM’ sensor is due for availability to select customers in June and will be widely available in September 2022.  In addition to the sensor release, Cerebrum updates include:

  • Release of Radial Load Estimation feature and increased sampling rates of 500 Hz through over-the-air firmware updates for the ECO and OEM sensors in Q3 2022. 
  • Release of “Research & Development” mobile applications for select clients that are interested in collecting raw tire data is now available.
  • Release of Fleet Management Solutions (gateway and web-based interface) due in Q3/Q4 2022 including integration of Cerebrum with select in-market telematics gateways.

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