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Driving Tips for Winter

The Winter season comes with rain, snow, slush, and ice. Such driving conditions make cruising in the winter a little challenging. Whether you are a daily driver or planning to drive long distances to meet your family and loved ones, it is evident to prepare your vehicle for harsh winter weather. Because who wants to get stuck in the middle of a winter storm unprepared? Once you have finished reading this article, you will be in the group of better-prepared folks to overcome winter driving challenges. Always remember, precaution is better than cure. Make a list and stock your vehicle with any emergency equipment you may need. Make sure that routine maintenance of your vehicle is taken care of. If you are planning to drive long-distance, get your vehicle inspected to ensure optimal condition. 

One rule of thumb for driving on winter roads is to drive at a consistent slower speed and maintain a longer driving distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will give more time for you to control your vehicle and extra stopping distance in case of sudden braking. Apply brakes steadily and slowly. Driving on a snow-covered road with an active Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) system is also a concern. It can be better to turn it off. An interesting fact about ABS is that it increases your stopping distance during braking on snow or any other loose material such as gravel and sand. Without ABS, the tires make a wedge of snow in front of them which helps to bring the car to a stop with less skidding. With ABS, the driver may regain the ability to steer but the wedge is never formed and the vehicle can take longer to stop. 

Tread Depth in Winter Tires

Winter tires have deeper grooves to evacuate water, snow, and slush but they also begin to lose traction much earlier than summer and all-season tires, typically at around 20% of the full tread depth. Be sure to check the tread depth of your winter tires before rolling out for a drive. Yeah, that’s going to be quite a bit of math using the physical tool. Don’t worry, use the Cerebrum Smart Sensor App with its built-in feature to easily calculate the tread depth without using any extra tools and avoid miscalculations. Cerebrum Smart Sensors provide tread depth in terms of percentage to simplify your life.

Air Pressure in Winter Tires

It is recommended to check the air pressure once a month and especially before long trips. Tire pressure plays a critical role in tire performance. Tires with OEM recommended pressure levels provide the optimum traction force. To save your time in searching for recommended tire pressure on your vehicle or in the user manual, the Cerebrum Sensor mobile application displays it on your phone. Use the real-time air pressure guide on the Cerebrum mobile application to fill pressure to the optimum level recommended by Cerebrum Sensors for your vehicle. 

Age of Winter/Snow Tires

The age of the tire determines its structural integrity and performance on the road. 

No matter if your tires are used in a daily driven vehicle or have winter tires stored in a garage, it is advised to keep track of your tire’s age. Vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your tires every 6 years, regardless of the tread depth. Most of the tire manufacturer’s warranty expires at 6 years. 

Spare Tire for Winter

Keeping a spare tire in your vehicle is recommended at all times. During the winter season, be sure to change the spare tire to a winter spare tire for proper traction. Check the tire pressure and tread depth of the spare tire. These metrics can be easily checked through your Cerebrum mobile application. If your winter spare tire has been sitting in the storage for years, it is recommended to inspect the tire for any physical defects. 

To get notified of all the other critical issues while driving, be sure to keep the notification option switched ON in the settings screen of your Cerebrum mobile application. Don’t have Cerebrum Sensors installed in your tires yet? Well then, it is time to pump up your game and give your tires what they deserve. Order your Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensors here.

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