Cerebrum Sensor Technologies: A Leader In The Intelligent Tire Market

Cerebrum Sensor Technologies: A Leader In The Intelligent Tire Market

The "Intelligent Tire" market utilizes tire and / or wheel sensors to send real-time data on tire conditions to the vehicle and cloud. This technology utilizes complex algorithms to deliver real-time insights on tire performance and vehicle concerns for drivers, autonomous vehicles, and fleet managers to seek proactive maintenance. The data collected by intelligent tires is also utilized by tire and vehicle OEMs to improve their products.  Ultimately, the emerging smart tire technology drives lower operating costs, reduced downtime, improved safety and increased environmental benefits.

Several market research and trend reporting companies including MarketPrimes, TheMarketReports and others have identified Cerebrum Sensor Technologies as a leader in the emerging, multi-billion dollar Intelligent Tire Sensor market.  Cerebrum stands alongside notable brands like Continental (VDO), Sensata (Schrader), and Bridgestone to name a few.

As a leader in the industry, Cerebrum is the first company in the market to offer unique IoT enabled hardware and insights such as tire tread depth, radial load, and more.  Cerebrum solutions are currently being integrated to fleets, OEM's and smart cities around the world with the vision of achieving safer and more efficient vehicle operations through tire intelligence.  

For inquiries into Cerebrum's solutions, contact info@cerebrumsensor.com

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