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Cerebrum Unveils OEM Tire Sensor That Measures Tread Depth

After years of development, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies introduces a tire-mounted sensor technology specifically designed for OEM implementation that measures pressure, temperature, and even tread depth.

Debuted at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Cerebrum's newest intelligent tire sensor was developed in collaboration with and for top vehicle and tire manufacturers, specifically to fit within the rubber mounting sleeves that will be integrated into tires in the near future. These special retainers will be molded to the inner liner of a vehicle tire, the position from which Cerebrum's intelligent tire sensor can accurately measure advanced, never-before-seen tire analytics. Due to its standardized size, Cerebrum's sensor can be used interchangeably in any tire and reused when a tire is at end-of-life. The newest 3rd generation sensor is roughly the size of a quarter, about the same weight as wireless earbuds, and will be available in the coming months.  

At CES Cerebrum also demonstrated new algorithms for measuring camber alignment variations and radial tire load as well as a system for integration of tire analytics into existing fleet telematics systems.  These offerings come in 2022 as Cerebrum rolls out its groundbreaking technology to consumers, tire shops, and fleets on a global scale.  The advanced analytics are currently available through a mobile application or fleet software and will be offered through traditional vehicle systems in the coming years. 

For inquiries on Cerebrum's intelligent tire systems, contact info@cerebrumsensor.com or 424-272-5262.

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